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Default Re: Damaged Bearing Edge--Re-cutting Vintage Ludwigs
How many times have we seen the Antique's Roadshow where a person comes in with a piece of furniture that has been refinished by themselves or by some former owner, because they thought the original, black, gunky finish looked terrible.....only to find out that if the piece had been left untouched then the value would be a LOT higher? Collectors want that funk because the funk is real!
"God is dead." -Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead." -God
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Default Re: Damaged Bearing Edge--Re-cutting Vintage Ludwigs
I think that collegue O-Lugs is partipically right.
I never do recutting edges even damaged -- I'm against that operation.
There is a way to repair the edge's surfaces by another method which I successfully use.
It's a light hand grindind by non-wide plastic (PS) spline with glued sandpaper.
I getting exellant result always during all the long years.
If we mean rounded edges so I doing the same process with curved template.

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Default Re: Damaged Bearing Edge--Re-cutting Vintage Ludwigs
I have a set of '68 Ludwigs which were subjected to the same abuse. I have recut the bearing edges with great results. Play them.... Play them- please - play them... That's what they were made for!
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Default Re: Damaged Bearing Edge--Re-cutting Vintage Ludwigs
I've only gone to the expense of having edges cut one time. The mounted tom of a Rogers set had really bad edges from the factory and was very difficult to tune. The other two drums weren't as bad, but the factory edges were not what they should have been. It was a 1969/70 transition era kit with the borderless tags and all serial numbers of 10xxx.

At the time I didn't realize Precision could be relied on to recut to factory standards. On the hint of one of our VFD experts, I sent them all the way from MA to CA and the Heuer's Drum Lab. That guy (Chris) put, in essense, custom Dynasonic edges on that set all the way around. Fantastic! In addition, I had measured the shell depths in advance and did so again when they returned. I could not discern even a 1/16th inch of difference. So he cut perfectly and sparingly. Just to see the product of his work was exciting, never mind that the set was now what any of the guys in Covington would have loved to do from day one if economics would have allowed it. In my view, the value of the set went up considerably because it was not only beautiful, but as musical as it could be with properly cut edges of the shape Rogers had intended to cut and missed the goal. Representing it honestly without cutting the edges would have impacted its value negatively, whereas the new edges presented very well and when I did sell it, it brought a very good price.

As regards the edges in question on the Ludwig set, I applaud the recutting. Damage is damage and should be repaired if it can be done so properly.
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