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Default Re: Rogers Holiday Black Value

If the history can be demonstrated, and it seems it cannot, that would have tended to increase its value. However, RimsandSkins is probably close to what one would normally pay though I think even that might be a little high. I going to venture a guess that it was originally a set bought with a 14x20 bass, 9x13 mounted tom and 16x16 floor tom with a single tom arm mount used on the left side of the bass and an 'L' arm for a ride cymbal. The 8x12 was probably added later. I speculate on the 9x13 being the main tom, since it was built to be located on the left hand side and so the Rogers script and tone control are not visible. That is also the more likely reason it is the 12" tom that does not have a paper tag inside, since it was probably ordered as a single drum when the double tom mount was added to the bass drum. I think it would sell better as the original 20,13,16 set-up using a single tom arm. Sell off the double tom mount and put a single Swivomatic mount up from for a straight hex splash rod. The sell the 12 as a single. Just my view.
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