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Default Re: Rogers BigR XP8 Swivo era mix

Dan, I'm about 5'7", its a bit like Simon Phillips arrangement with the cymbals high, it really is somewhat compact. Once a year when our church has a service overlooking the Hudson River which then really gives me the space to set it up. I am very particular in my handling of them so it takes up to two hours to breakdown. My wood cases contain multiple levels and compartmentized so that each stand has its own space and will not bang against another stand. As if each stand having its own individual space, all of the stand's sections are color coded (small pieces of colored tubing placed over threaded screws or rods) as an extra measure to ensure the stand sections and their accessory arms are assembled together. Then at the gig site, its of course setup, breakdown then another set up when back home, its a full day from 7 am till around 5 pm.
I had a hard time deciding on the color and I finally chose the turquoise for the 'center' of the kit, I wanted red glitter but the turquoise glitter is more reactive (or sparkle) to light(s) probably due to the lighter top layer. When I was at Precision I put the wraps side by side as a comparison. I went with the silver on the 3 small toms then later on decided to add the silver FT (which retains its factory applied silver glass) such that the tom run starts as silver and then ends in silver, kind'a like 'bookends'.

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