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Default Re: Just about as thin as a 22" ever gets

Originally Posted by Drumaholic View Post
Only Boslover's type II trans is thinner, and maybe one that I used to have:
Yep. The 22" Type II trans stamp my son Milestones got from Steve Maxwell's NYC store in 2019 weighs in at 1908 grams. It is in excellent condition for a 71 year old cymbal. While a bit of the Arabic is either worn or was not deeply impressed it is still visible, and the stamp as a whole is well defined and complete. The attached image doesn't do the quality of the stamp justice.

By comparison, that 2080 gram trans on eBay seems to be on the heavy side.

20190618_154324_DXO 12-05-20_DxO by mwsilver, on Flickr

20190618_154241_DXO 12-05-20_1_DxO by mwsilver, on Flickr

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