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Default Re: Jo Jones in Drum Shop - Kits, teaching....

Originally Posted by MPC View Post
That was a great video. Thank you. Must have been awesome to live in and be around that music scene. love the jacket and ties.
That video was taken close to 50 years ago. While I didn't get the opportunity to meet Jo Jones, I did get to see Gene Krupa perform several years earlier. It was June of 1964. I know this because it was just shortly after my 18th birthday. I watched him and his quartet perform at a club in the Louisiana pavilion of the 1964 New York World's Fair. It was in the middle of the afternoon and there was no more than a dozen people in the audience.

I guess I looked young, but luckily I had my first driver's license with my birth date on it. I hadn't even received my selective service draft card (for military service) yet. Back then, you could get into a club that served liquor if you were 18 years old or older. Today it's 21.

In any case, seeing him play live 20 feet away was especially exciting for me. I was lucky enough to see a number of the great jazz players of that era playing live during the next 15 years or so. When I first moved to Greenwich Village there were well over a dozen clubs performing live music there, and a number of them regularly showcased jazz performers. There also other clubs in Manhattan outside of the Greenwich Village area when you could see great jazz. There are only a few places now.

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