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Default Re: Ludwig Speed King reissue?

Originally Posted by Marty Black View Post
So, spur some posts, has anyone heard any update on Ludwig's reissue of the Speed King pedal? That's the only pedal I use, and I'm curious as to how the new one will measure up to a cleaned-up and well-lubed Oldie Speed King. Is Ludwig waiting for the economy to improve? Thanks, MB
I've had one on order from the Drum Center of Portsmouth since early May. The latest word at that time was mid-June delivery. But with Covid-19 its impossible to say when it will be delivered. For all I know it may not be available until fall or later. I plan on calling DC of P in the next week or so to see if they've gotten any updates from their Ludwig rep. I too am anxious to see how it compares to the original. The one we have is in really excellent shape and has never been reconditioned except for a mild clean up by me.

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