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Default Re: Speed King query

It doesn't necessarily mean it is from the 50s though. WFL logo'd Speed Kings and Snare stands were common well into the 60's. They must have had a ton of WFL Speed King foot boards and snare basket castings in stock at the time that they bought back the Ludwig name from Conn. They continued to use them rather than scrap them. Either that or they didn't want to, or have the capital to have the tooling modified for several years after getting their name back.

They even continued to reuse catalog artwork with the WFL logo on the Speed King as late as '67. We don't see Ludwig branded Speed King footboards until the '73 catalog. This doesn't mean they were still making Speed Kings with the WFL logo this late, since it was common to reuse catalog artwork for many years unless there was a compelling reason to spend the time and money for new artwork or to have it airbrushed. However, there are new pictures in the '67 catalog of snare kits where you can clearly see the WFL on the snare basket casting so it is possible they were still making pedals with the WFL logo this late.
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