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Default Re: Tama vs Pearl - Late 70s/Early 80s

Originally Posted by leedybdp View Post
You should love a late 60s Slingerland made in USA drum set. Theay are very similar in most respects to the most desirable 50s and early 60s Slingerland drums. They are great drums and bargains to buy.
Its funny you posted that. I actually had a 60's Slingerland (cant remember the series), but it had a side mounted tom and ride cymbal stand attached to the kick drum. It was only a four piece when drums sets were HUGE. It was my first drum set in 1982, and I played the hell out of that kit. I don't remember how it sounded because we all removed the bottom heads and deadened them further with napkins/Kleenex taped to the head.

Originally Posted by O-Lugs View Post
In regards to the late 70's and 80's...There weren't really any good drums coming out of that era! LOL! kinda kidding , but not really. That was when super-heavy stands and electronic drums were starting to develop and "regular" drum making seemed to be on a hiatus. I had the same experience as yourself with a Ludwig B/O kit....Shells were over sized, the glue for the wrap wasn't strong....hated the Hercules hardware with the plastic wing screws and tubular legs. I was looking at the Lynn Drum machine, an Emulator and Simmons drums in the early 80's, myself!
Yeah, the Luddies were a dream kit that I bought about a decade ago. They were an early 1976 3-ply in sky blue pearl. From what I gather, it was mid-way through 76 they switched to the thicker shells. Either way, I couldn't keep them in tune and the wrap was getting worse and worse. It was a big let down to realize I had coveted a **** for all those decades Surprised about the Japan drums comment. I have always read that Pearl and Tama were way ahead of the time and head and shoulders above the rest in that era.
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