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Default "I've got a problem"....yes, you do.
Patient: "Doc, it hurts when I push right here."
Doctor: "So don't push right there".
I sat here and read the thread from "johnnyringo" and sat on my hands as I just didn't want to get involved yet again on this forum with this guy.
But then the thread gets deleted, imagine that, so I didn't have to sit on my hands any longer.....but I can't just let this go.
I spelled out my case, with pictures, right here on this site and it got deleted. When I inquired as to why that happened I was forced to believe that this forum is not here to air dirty laundry, to which I agree.
However, I brought up some valid points regarding this "seller of drums" and I felt my points should have been left out there for others to see, but not so as the whole thing just went away.
And now this guy, "johnnyringo" feels the need to cry that he thinks, "someone is saying bad things about me behind my back"?
I told Mr. Ringo that if he feels he wishes to continue in the direction he was heading as far as our transaction then I would have no choice but to state our transaction publicly as he was wrong and failed to amend that situation. I will not get into any of the details of his very poor business transaction but if any of you would wish to inquire, my email is I do also wish to state, quite emphatically, that 6 (SIX) forum members have contacted me about the very bad business transactions they have also had with this person who feels he is being wronged by having discussions about him that are not in a favorable direction, but not ONE of them has bothered to step forward to promote this cause. Let me also state that "word of mouth" is a very good thing, it certainly has been for me. as far as promoting your business....or at least it should be. Not so much though when those words are not good....sorry about that Mr. Ringo. I believe I told you way back when that the road you are choosing is not one that I would advise. You opted out.
A wise man would take his beating and travel forward. That, again, would be my advice. Don't push on that sore spot.