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Default Re: Another eBay Bargain

Originally Posted by kdg View Post
It has a historical value because it was a prototype and supposedly one of only two metal shells produced, Having a replaced top hoop should be considered to some degree.
Something is confusing about the history of the ownership of the drum. The owner states that Gladstone made the drum for Morris Goldenberg, but according to the narrative, it seems Goldenberg never took possession, as Billy apparently kept it until his death. Where does this information come from? It may be that as a prototype, Billy may have felt it wasn't up to his high standards to let this drum into the marketplace.
Then, in 1961 (October) when Billy died, Mr Hyning bought it (1962) from a midtown Manhattan music store. So was it sold as a consignment on behalf of Billy's widow? We may never know.
The ebay ad states:

"This drum is believed to be a prototype for the drum Billy made for renowned percussionist and longtime Julliard professor Morris Goldenberg"

Meaning it was the prototype that Billy made before making the one for Morris Goldberg.
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