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Default Another eBay Bargain

My son Dan (MileStones) just saw this ad on eBay. Its a Billy Gladstone 7x14 snare. According to the seller its a rare gold plated prototype. and he includes a lot of background history. He is asking $49,000.

I'm not an expert on pricing, but the drum is very far from mint condition and while it may be gold, in the images it look more like brass to me. Its rarity may add a lot of extra value, but to my eyes it doesn't look good in its current condition.

The seller states, "After years of use there is significant wear and cosmetic damage to the gold plating, and some minor dents, as shown in the detailed photos. The heads, snares, and top rim have been replaced"

The price in this condition seems very excessive to us. What do you guys think?

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