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Originally Posted by idrum4fun View Post
Yes, it's a beautiful drum...even with the misaligned lugs! To answer your question, there is really no other reason than just pure mistake! All the shells were drilled on a jig and little attention seems to have been paid as to accuracy of placement. In the same respect, I've got plenty of snare drums that should measure 5.5" in depth, but can actually range anywhere from a little over 5" to a bit over 5.5". I just never understood how the depths were so off from drum to drum! Most of these drilling jigs were set up for a 5.5" shell, but when the shell was a different depth, the lug placement from top to bottom wasn't changed.

Another recent addition to my Slingerland Deluxe Student snare drum collection is a beautiful example wrapped in Light Blue Pearl. The shell should be 5.5" deep, but is only 5" deep. It's very noticeable when compared to my other snare drums. Fortunately, this drum was properly drilled to center the lugs on the 5" deep shell. I'll try to get some pictures posted!

Yes the jig being set up for the more standard 5 1/2" drum would make sense.

Thanks Mark
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