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Default Re: This is the Post a Picture of Your Drum Instructor Thread

I am forever grateful to a great man, James Dycus. Mr. Dycus was the instrumental music teacher at Thomas A. Edison School in Hammond, Indiana. I lived two blocks from Edison and attended school there from kindergarten through eighth grade. I can never remember not wanting to play "a drum". I banged away on every surface in our house with whatever kitchen utensils I was allowed to use. My favorite toys were always toy drums. At Edison we were able to start in the school band program in fourth grade. Mr. Dycus was keen to know that I would not be happy with anything but percussion. He tried to teach me bass clarinet and C Melody sax from time to time between fourth and eighth grades. But, those efforts failed. I was a drummer through and through in school band and orchestra. I never thought about playing in a rock band until a guy in our high school band invited me in my freshman year to join his rock band. I had to tell him that I had never played or owned a drum set. Well, a year later, I owned a used Gretsch Two-tone Duco set and a couple of cymbals. I played my first gig in 1958. After that, I went on to play professionally while attending college and thereafter. I never had a drum set lesson. I just copied what I thought other drummers were doing. But, Jim Dycus will always remain as my musical inspiration.
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