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Originally Posted by BosLover View Post
Nice looking but the WMP wrap looks yellower than most kits I've seen from that period. What is the general condition? As to the price, how much is the Ludwig Classic Maple snare you would be giving up worth? I'm not a club date or pioneer fan myself but if the price is right and you can either remove the yellowing or live with it, it looks like a nice find.
I payed $275 for the Ludwig Classic Maple snare, it's a 2011 model. I think the kit looks fine, but it doesn't have the original 14x14 Club Date floor, it's a 16x16 from the late 60's, the 12, 20 are 1966 and the Pioneer is 1964. Other than that, they are in good condition with no extra holes.
I happen to like Pioneer snares, especially one in this finish.
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