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Default Wanted: Bass drum attachment cymbal dinger

I've procured a really old kit and am pressing it back into service. (Really love it...I've got a few old kits: Rogers and Gretsch 70's kit and a Premier Olympic kit, plus a few other bits like the Roland V-drums for studio stuff...but the) 1900's - 1920's kit I have now is just superb and such fun to play. The bass pedal cymbal dinger would be the last part in the puzzle!

I missed out on the eBay'ed:
Vintage ludwig bass drum pedal cymbal clanger/striker - turns to the side (spring loaded) to silence the striker.

Looking like this:

So, I stupidly thought, well I won't bid on it unless I find a bass hoop attachment for a cymbal...and then when a bass hoop attachment (with original cymbal!) turns up on eBay, I buy it and go and search for that dinger - and dash it all if the dinger hasn't sold! And now I can't find one anywhere!

Does anyone have one for sale, or know where I could get one? I desperately need your help!
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