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Default Re: Uneven lug spacing on Slingerland snare

Originally Posted by Premslinglud View Post
I have a mid 70s 10 llug COB 6.5 x 14 slingerland snare, zoomatic throwoff. Gene Krupa sound king?
Anyway-the lugs are clearly not spaced evenly such that some of the tension rods need to be angled to span from rim to lug.
There are no new holes in the shell. Each hole for the lugs is nicely drilled but spacing is off in some areas so that some lugs are closer to each other than others.
Is this common-or am I just lucky?
Hi Erich!

I've had dozens of Slingerland COB snare drums over the years and have never had any issues with lug holes that were incorrectly "drilled". Actually, the holes were punched. Now, that isn't to say that the punching machine might have been off occasionally. If the shell were mine, I'd take a measuring tape and check the distance from lug hole to lug hole around the shell. Also, check to see if the shell is out of round...unlikely, but you never know.

Try to post some pictures if you can. We all love pictures!

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