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Default Re: WFL snare weird shell construction

I don't recall seeing any " space". Looking "up" at a reinforcement ring; there is "no space" there for a 'shim" Is There?
Is there "space" all along the underside of that ring? What would happen if you pull the shim (is there 1 or 2?) Out?
Reminds me of sticking a "match pack" under a table leg (remember doing that?) when a table wobbled.

Might that ring been vibrating and someone stuck the proverbial matchpack " in this case a piece of wood shim" up/in there to stop noise?
I don't think it belongs there (lol)
I would certainly show this to the guys over at DFO. And get their read on it.

The last picture (5) looks like there is "no space" for the shim. So Maybe yeah a quick fix (for an open-space flaw) from the factory. It would be the first ever seen; unless the guys at DFO have seen it before..
Or leave it and look at it this way : " You got extra wood" (!!

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