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I reckon that is an XPK set from the 90's. The small tension lugs didn't appear until the 90's in the premier catalogues. That was all High Tension (long) lugs then.

They were good drums for they're level at the time. The APK series was the cheap entry series with painted black interiors and solid Black White or Red wraps on the exterior.

The XPK where next up the line featuring a decent bearing edge on a Birch shell with clear coated interiors and option of stained exteriors.

Above that was the projector series, which was eventually replaced by the brilliant Genista series then the all maple Signia range at the top of the range which were awesome drums.

Looking at that price on them your in for a good deal if you want a set of good old bangers to knock about. If I remember rightly they don't sound bad at all.
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