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Default Re: Some old non-descript Ludwigs

If those are the four ply shells, then they are the same shells they used in the Super Classics and they were nice sounding, relatively thin maple/poplar shells. So they are decent drums, with the caveat of the power toms and the condition. They might clean up better than you think. Even if you take everything apart, clean and polish, the power toms are the biggest turnoff. Not to mention your time investment and the cost of a new set of heads. And as has been said, most parent's would rather buy a new made in China, complete kit than deal with getting all the other parts to complete this kit.

I would have passed on those as well unless I needed a knock around kit for a rehearsal space, for gigs in sketchy locations or I knew someone I could donate them to. I would cut the toms down to conventional sizes and redrill for the bottom lugs and cut new bearing edges. I have the tools and experience to do that but paying someone would be more expensive than what you could ever get for the set.

Having said all that, I would think you could easily get $50 to $100 as they sit. I quick and dirty cleaning with Windex without taking anything apart would probably make them more appealing.
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