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Default Re: Some old non-descript Ludwigs

I see a damaged and badly repaired bass hoop, torn badges, tom rash, etc. So yeah, kinda beat up.

No pro drummer or vintage collector will want them, as these are student level drums and not old enough to be truly vintage.

No trendy young drummer will want them, as they are not modern enough to have popular, in-demand features. "Gee, none of my drum heroes are playing anything like this, and power toms are like so 20 years ago!"

No soccer mom buying them for her 12-year-old will want them, because all she sees are scratches and dents, and no hardware or cymbals included.

The only way drums like these would sell is strictly on price. If you price them below everybody else on Craigslist that week, you have a chance. Then you might get someone on a low budget buying them for a church or for a rehearsal space.

I'd price them at $150 and just blow them out. It's a tough market out there. Good luck!

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