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Default Re: A beat-up old Zildjian with 16 rivets

Nice score. Just because its heavy doesn't mean anything bad. It could be a gem, but remove those rivets so you can really hear it. You'll need to do this before cleaning it anyway.

As for cleaning, here's what you do in this order.

1. Brasso followed by
2. Automotive parts cleaner followed by
3. Glass cleaner

That's the perfect system for me. No water necessary. This will clean your cymbal and leave no reside and no after cleaning oxidation either. Those areas that have green corrosion will need extra work with the Brasso.

Rivets are still an option so if you save those rivets, then you can add them later. 2 or 3 should be enough for any cymbal. I use only one on my 20" medium Bounce sizzle. You just place as many as you want into the holes and crimp a small square piece of duct tape on the backsides to them to keep them from falling out. That way you can easily adjust to the amount of sizzle you like or none at all if you wish.

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