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Default Re: Some old non-descript Ludwigs

Hello JoeDrum!

As K.O. points out, these are the Rocker series of drums. A quick look over at Drum Archive shows that they are from approximately 1988. The wrap appears to be Silver Smoke. I would say you've got a 16x22 bass drum, 16x16 floor tom, with 11x12 and 12x13 mounted toms. Yep, those are definitely "power" toms!

Just go to and choose Ludwig. From there go to the 1988 catalog. It's a PDF file you can open. Just scroll down to the Rocker series and you'll see one in Silver Smoke. It shows the Rocker shells as 4-ply select American wood veneers with clear lacquered interiors. Seems like decent shells!

When you say they're in "pretty bad shape", do you mean cosmetically? Or are there physical issues, such as dents, dings, beat up bearing edges, or other defects like K.O. mentions?

The downside are those Power toms, with sizes that are not really sought after right now. If you just need to get rid of them, you can always start high, say $300, and I'm sure you'll get lower offers!

Hope all this helps. Good luck to you!


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