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Dudley 07-12-2021 01:24 PM

Rogers BigR XP8 Swivo era mix
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This kit is a combination/mix of Dayton & Fullerton Swivomatic with some XP8 included. The photo is blurry until clicked on twice to bring it to full size as the comment instructs under the picture.

This is my Rogers kit I use for practice and once in a while use for the praise band at our church's outdoor service overlooking the Hudson River NY (the white area along the top of the photo is the river in the distance, but hazy in the distance on a Sunday) where this picture was taken. Even with memory lock equipment, it takes time to breakdown and setup.

Since I wanted to use a non-Rogers broken glass color (turquoise broken glass), I used orphan Rogers drums (Dayton and Fullerton shells) which had their pearl covering cracked, split or damaged. The silver glass FT is all original Rogers. With this setup I use a wood DW snare in ginger broken glass. Stands are a combination of Rogers supreme cymbal & snare & hi-hat stands plus five DW 9000 series 9799 stands for the cymbals & the 8X12 & 9X13 toms. There are also two Slingerland 80's magnum boom stands on the hi-hat side, the counter weights have the Slingerland name on them. All cymbals are Zildjians which I rotate from my stock of cymbals. Two pair of wind chimes (rock and jazz), depending on the type of music and desired projection. LP Cowbells, triangle, tambourines, and finger cymbals (attached to a piece of wood above the hi-hat & ching ring) nestled here and there on stands with accessory clamps. Maracas, brushes, extra sticks, more tambourines and shaker eggs within reach on my wood cases behind. BD pedals either Rogers swivomatic or DW 5000 turbo.

To the left of the hi-hat I call this the Latin section with bongos and four Rogers double headed drums (8X8, 8x10, 10X14 & 12X15) from my Rogers 9 pc butcher block kit to coordinate with the natural finish of the bongos. There is a striking tonal difference between the 6 drums due to their sizes and head selection. These four Rogers drums (8X8, 8x10, 10X14 & 12X15) were special built for me in 1983 during the big R XP8 era to match my BB Rogers Londoner V (swivomatic Fullerton) which I ordered/bought in 1974. Since they no longer offered butcher block in 1983, I called Rogers to discover they still had the some BB wrap in stock and that they would build the four drums for me in the BB wrap, so what it's worth, these four drums may be the only XP8 shells made in that color.

O-Lugs 07-12-2021 02:53 PM

Re: Rogers - my practice kit
Looks like it would be an absolute BLAST to play that!

grantro 07-13-2021 05:13 PM

Re: Rogers Big R XP8ís
Beautiful set!! Thanks for posting!!


Dan Boucher 09-08-2021 02:35 AM

Re: Rogers BigR XP8 Swivo era mix
Euge! I trust you are very tall. I'd have to stand up to reach all of those drums. I do like the turquoise. I've seen it used on rewrap a couple of times before. Accenting with the silver sparkle is nice too. Next time you do a setup and teardown, use a stopwatch and let us know roughly what you find for effort. My guess is 45 minutes each way.

Can't beat the location. The Hudson River Valley is beautiful.

Dudley 09-08-2021 10:19 AM

Re: Rogers BigR XP8 Swivo era mix
Dan, I'm about 5'7", its a bit like Simon Phillips arrangement with the cymbals high, it really is somewhat compact. Once a year when our church has a service overlooking the Hudson River which then really gives me the space to set it up. I am very particular in my handling of them so it takes up to two hours to breakdown. My wood cases contain multiple levels and compartmentized so that each stand has its own space and will not bang against another stand. As if each stand having its own individual space, all of the stand's sections are color coded (small pieces of colored tubing placed over threaded screws or rods) as an extra measure to ensure the stand sections and their accessory arms are assembled together. Then at the gig site, its of course setup, breakdown then another set up when back home, its a full day from 7 am till around 5 pm.
I had a hard time deciding on the color and I finally chose the turquoise for the 'center' of the kit, I wanted red glitter but the turquoise glitter is more reactive (or sparkle) to light(s) probably due to the lighter top layer. When I was at Precision I put the wraps side by side as a comparison. I went with the silver on the 3 small toms then later on decided to add the silver FT (which retains its factory applied silver glass) such that the tom run starts as silver and then ends in silver, kind'a like 'bookends'.

amosguy 09-08-2021 10:35 AM

Re: Rogers BigR XP8 Swivo era mix
Nice combination of colors. Great choices.

Dudley 09-08-2021 01:55 PM

Re: Rogers BigR XP8 Swivo era mix
Thanks for the compliments. I did the prep and the wrapping on the three small silver toms and all the turquoise drums, but I had Precision make the four BD hoops in turquoise since there is more involved in wrapping the hoops (the hoops have a full covering, not the narrow inlay strips). I bought a full sheet of turquoise as back up in case I add more drums, which I might be doing sometime soon on a snare drum. It's very convenient to have Precision a short hop away.

Dudley 09-08-2021 02:28 PM

Re: Rogers BigR XP8 Swivo era mix
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Here's the kit from a different vantage point. Though appearance may indicate to be an almost impossible reach to get to everything, it really is not difficult with the advantage of keeping me 'on my toes' to plan my moves. Also causes me to concurrently work on my stretching exercises ?

Dudley 09-26-2021 09:48 AM

Re: Rogers BigR XP8 Swivo era mix
Last week I purchased two 9X13 Rogers Dayton toms in their original silver broken glass. I am thinking of placing them between the two bass drums and in front of the 8X12 & 9X13 turquoise toms in this set up tuned up high. Another thought is to leave the bottom heads off them, place on a separate floor stand, and tune them up high to be somewhat like a pair of timbales somewhere towards the rear of the kit. I got a few more ideas to try too.

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