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JoeDrum22 04-01-2018 08:44 PM

Another older Zildjian - made in turkey
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Could you take a look at another old Zildjian? This one measures around 16.5 in. dia. Medium to heavy weight. No cracks.
The stamp is worn, but I think it says "made in turkey", and Istanbul.
Thank you very much

zenstat 04-02-2018 12:17 AM

Re: Another older Zildjian - made in turkey
K Zildjian Istanbul Hartrick Intermediate Stamp:


The expected price is: about $250 with half selling for between $188 and $324 n=7

and more price info is here:

If it is a full 16.5" measured across the bottom (so you don't include the bump of the bell) then it is a nominal 17" and might fetch a little more. I haven't got enough 17" cymbals to give separate results, but as a general trend larger diameter cymbals fetch more money. Many of these Turkish made K Zildjian cymbals are a little undersized which is why we talk about a nominal 17" if it measures a full 16.5" although not everybody follows that convention of rounding up. But I tend to in my data collection and analysis.

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