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  1. DrumBob
    11-15-2022 11:53 AM
    Tommy, since the site was updated, how do I check for private messages, and responses to my threads and so forth. I don't see that anywhere. Thanks.
  2. DrumBob
    10-24-2022 09:59 PM
    Tommy, a question: Every time I get a new set, I add it to my Signature, but the system won't let me add the cool MIJ set I got last week. Are we limited on space? I see another member who is a Trixon/Vox collector, and he has all his sets listed, which are many more than I have. Thanks. Bob
  3. DrumBob
    10-08-2022 10:36 PM
    Tommy, my boy, carbineone, changed his ISP a while ago, and claims he got thrown off VDF. Can you help him out? Thanks.

  4. DrumBob
    09-06-2022 10:39 PM
    Another guy named Washington101 sent me the same email as Jeffy, .
  5. DrumBob
    07-25-2022 06:56 AM
    Tommy, every time I go to the site, I have to log in, despite the fact that I checked off Remember Me. Is this happening to everyone, or just me? Thanks.

  6. Tommyp
    06-27-2022 06:14 PM
    Unfortunately, that is correct for most everyone. Things are being worked on behind the scenes while the forum is running. We are going to do a pretty large update .. it’s certainly past time! .. so, while that is being prepared, we are kinda stuck with pages loading at a snails pace. That crash identified many issues .. and .. they must now be dealt with to keep the forum up to date and vital. What’s happening now is only temporary, albeit a giant PITA! Hope that sheds a bit if light!
  7. DrumBob
    06-26-2022 09:08 PM
    Tommy, since we came back online, I have noticed the forum running very slowly. It takes a long time to pull up private messages and to navigate around the site. Any explanation why? Thanks.
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