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  1. DrumBob
    01-12-2022 11:47 PM
    Hey Howie, I hope you're well. In all honesty, I have no idea why I came back to this morgue-of-a-forum. This is the DEADEST place I can imagine. I leave for a year and come back and it's the SAME threads still at the top of the page, like that idiot Grantro, who wants to see pictures of everybody's drums. And Changeable Charlie is still buying and selling sets like the weirdo he is. Just amazing. I put ion feelers to buy this forum before I left and never even got the courtesy of a response from the owner.
    I think I should come here once a week at most. Or maybe once a month.

  2. DrumBob
    12-17-2019 10:43 AM
    Howie...Wow, you sure like needle JR. don't you! Changeable Charlie? How did you guys ever start this back & forth?

  3. DrumBob
    08-12-2019 08:18 AM
    Howie...Just checking in. Hope things are OK with you and the family. I have been busy as hell, still working 9-5 and playing gigs with three bands. Plus, we have a grandson who's going on four, and he's a joy. We love being grandparents. I know you went to bat for me on DFO and appreciate it very much, but I never heard a word from them, so I've given up the idea of getting back on there. I have been buying and selling MIJ sets lately, and as you may know, finally invested in a '67 Ludwig Burgundy Sparkle set two years ago that I like a lot. Those Ludwig Lemmings at DFO would get a kick out of me playing Ludwigs, I bet, although I still have my endorsement deal with DW, of course. I use the DWs with my Clapton tribute project. Last week, we had an outdoor gig and rain was a possibility, so I took my cheapo MIJ red sparkle MIJ set in case we got caught in a downpour, which happened several weeks ago at a Jersey Shore gig. What sets are you holding onto these days? Bob
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