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  1. Scotty A
    08-14-2020 12:18 PM
    Scotty A
    I have some Buddy Rich snare questions for Tommy P. I recently re-watched the YouTube video of the Chicago Drum Show where Tommy P had the Buddy Rich Snare Display. I was there by the way and it was awesome.

    Tommy made a statement where he said the chrome wrap on the 4 x 14 did change the sound of the drum. Tommy, could you elaborate? How is the tone different? How did you test it? Is it a change in tone that can actually be heard? How would the change in tone compare on a 3-ply 4 x 14 versus a 5-ply 4 x 14?

    More questions, sorry.

    The '68 Slingerland catalogue lists the Buddy Rich model as a solid shell 5 x 14. The '70 catalogue came out with the Buddy Rich 4 x 14 model. Tommy, do you have any insight on what prompted the change? Did Buddy have any particular like or dislike for a solid shell snare?
  2. Scotty A
    07-13-2018 05:58 AM
    Scotty A
    Premier help needed. I have a chance to pick up a restoration project. It's a five piece Premier. Looks like an APK or Cabria. Wrap or finish has been removed. The shell looks like it's not wood but some kind of wood composite. Does anyone know what the shells were made of on these Models?
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