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  1. Webmaster
    05-27-2023 10:53 PM
    I have no direct info on him. Let me search around.
  2. DrumBob
    05-12-2023 04:15 PM
    I want to report this guy, Mikey777. I think he's a scammer. Latest post.

    I have a guy who has a Whitehall set for sale, its needs to be restored i have not seen photos if it he is sanding some late today. Question is i know these sizes are hard to fine the toms are 8x12, 14x14, bass 14x18 but he is telling me the snare is chrome but has no lugs. Did whitehall even make an lug less snare drum? Has asking price seems ok he wants 300.00 OBO for the stand stands cymbals the stands cymbals came with the set new back in the late 60s-70s
    Any info
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