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Old 09-05-2011, 12:58 PM
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Default Zildjian cymbals

Vintage cymbal collection for sale (40s-50s-60s-70s) ..All these cymbals are selling for a one time no dicker price only of $10. per inch which will include shipping to the lower 48 . do the math that's about a simple as it gets...
21.5” Zildjian Ride (made in Canada) medium-heavy ---very slight key hole ,weighs 300 kg---------sounds like a good rock n roll cymbal should and cuts thru no problem 70s
20” Zildjian (Zilco) (made in Canada) light-medium --- crash / ride ,weighs 225 kg------ this is a very nice sounding crash –ride with no issues.. 60s/70s
18” Zildjian light-medium --- crash and ride if you are Ringo style weight 170 kg ------ no funny business just an awesome cymbal that's sounds great from the 60s
15” Zildjian light crash--- weight 90 kg. ..apparently had a edge nick or crack and previous owner ground out the edge – still a great crash from the 60s
14” Zildjian hi hats (made in Canada)---medium –heavy ---bottom weight 1.25 kg.and top 100 kg --- great shape the way I purchased them from another collector 70s
14” Zildjian hi hats mediums --- bottom weight is 1.25 kg and top is 0.85 kg.---these are in perfect condition and great for any style of music hate to see them go 50s
13” Zildjian hi hats light –bottom weight 0.55 kg and top is 0.50 kg ---nice sounding light hats for any blues /jazz style playing or as axillary rock hats to keep the grove 50s
10” Zildjian (Zilco Constantinople) USA heavy crash weight is 0.50 kg ---this cymbal is a little monster and and can out crash even a 16”or 18” it kills 30s/40s
Can send pics if needed for serious buyers.
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