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Old 03-02-2007, 04:23 PM
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Cool slingerland phantom acrylic

hi doc. i have a queston about slingerland acrylic phantom drums!!was it possible that you could have ordered( 2)8x12's with the phantom acrylic set?instead of a 12 & 13 ?is there any way of knowing how many set s were produced? my set has no you know of anyone who wants to sell one?was this a half hearted attemt to be hip by slingerland or was it too little too late!thank you in advance for your help.
Old 03-11-2007, 04:44 PM
DrCJW DrCJW is offline
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Default Re: slingerland phantom acrylic

Hello Vincent:

Read your message. Basically, the Acrylic Phantom kit was simply a marketing move by Slingerland to stay competitive and play in one of the crazes circa late 1972 - 1975 of clear acrylic drums. Slingerland also offered their then-new TDR marching drums with acrylic shells. Depending on your personal ear, the Phantoms sound about the same as any other acrylic shells of the period, with Slingerland hardware put on. Your bass drum hoops being solid black, no inlays, are not original. Originals would be black with chrome inlays. The standard kit came with a 12 and 13, but if someone wanted it 12 and 12 Slingerland would accomodate. But it's difficult to say for sure if both your 12 toms were factory shipped together. Would really have to see them.


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