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Old 01-08-2020, 07:01 PM
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Default Re: mystery old avedis cymbal

The hollow ink Zildjian has been added later. I've come across 5 or so where this has been done. Plus the hollow ink Zildjian goes on the bottom not the top. It was in use from 1978 to mid 1982.

The hole looks like it might be a 7/16" one which has been enlarged, but your photos are not close enough for me to be very sure.

I can't say much about the weight unless I know the diameter. You should check by measuring across the bottom. You should also try measuring in few different places to see if the cymbal is properly in round or shows some sign of having been cut down. I wouldn't normally be concerned about that but it is one way to end up with a very low profile, a "huge" bell, and an unusual sound.

I don't know what a "huge" bell means to you. I have good data on bell diameters now so I can put yours in context if you measure the diameter. 5"? 5.5"? 6"? Those are likely diameters.
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Old 01-09-2020, 12:06 PM
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Default Re: mystery old avedis cymbal

Thanks for your help, also in the other thread, where I had this cymbal in mind. :-)

Ahh, yes, as said - logo looks legit in close-up if comparing to another outline/hollow logo I am having, so must be a pretty professional work then.

Cymbal measures 50,7cm everywhere, unsure about signs of cutting down as not used to cymbals this heavy.

Hole is old size/ not modern. Bell measures 6". Hole is not in the centre of the bell.

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