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Old Yesterday, 11:57 AM
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Default Re: 1971 Ludwig... opinions?

Originally Posted by Warrenwood View Post
Thank you everybody! Yes, they're beautiful, but after thinking it over, I'm going to pass as well. I could get two good Slingerland sets for the same money... or a used DW Performance series set.
Personally, I wouldn't settle for 2 sets of Slingerlands in place of a primo '71 Ludwig set that I was lusting after, but that's just me.

In my experience, overpaying only stings briefly LOL. If this is a kit that you'll be keeping for a while, go for it. Your pride in ownership will far outweigh the slight additional cost. Plus, inquire if there is any room to negotiate.
Maybe the seller will have some cases to throw in, or maybe even a snare.
You'll never know unless you ask. Good luck.

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Old Yesterday, 06:01 PM
defdes defdes is offline
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Default Re: 1971 Ludwig... opinions?

I missed buying a 26", 13", 16" 18" kit of the same vintage in red sparkle the first year of ebay before I fully understood how the site worked. I curse the miss often. I think the price then was about $1200.
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O-Lugs O-Lugs is offline
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Default Re: 1971 Ludwig... opinions?

I missed an opportunity to own a pointy badge Black Cortex Jazzette shellpack back in the day. I think it went for a little over a thousand...Might even be a picture of it around here somewhere...
"God is dead." -Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead." -God
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DrumBob DrumBob is offline
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Default Re: 1971 Ludwig... opinions?

IMO, if this set brings you back to good times, I say contact the seller and ask if you can negotiate a price. It is a high price for a common finish set. I'm thinking $1500, and see if he'll throw in a Supra 400 or free shipping with the deal. Tell him you're a member here. I did notice a little funny business on a bearing edge on one of the toms. It looks like it was filled in with wood filler. I would ask about that first.

Finally, just the fact that your ex made you sell them is a good enough reason to get the same type of set you had back then. No woman should make a drummer sell his drums! That's totally unreasonable, but it happens, because some musicians make the wrong choice...a BIG wrong choice, when they say, "I do."
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