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Old 05-29-2020, 09:19 AM
25DrummerGirl 25DrummerGirl is offline
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Default Rogers Drums Identification

I bought a Rogers drum set. I'm a Ludwig girl, but couldn't pass up the deal. The badges are script "Rogers". The toms are rim mounted. It's in a silver (with a faint sparkle) wrap. 22/16/13/12 with a 14"x 6.5" metal snare. Looks all original down to the heads. Any ideas on what to look for to identify the age? Thanks.

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Old 05-29-2020, 10:22 AM
rstange1 rstange1 is offline
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Default Re: Rogers Drums Identification

Hi Julia, any chance you could post a picture or two? Do the drums have paper tags inside? Cheers!
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Old 05-29-2020, 11:50 AM
amosguy amosguy is online now
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Default Re: Rogers Drums Identification

Check for paper tags inside. Rogers USA drums did not come with rim mounts standard. I have put them on my Rogers drum, so that is a possibility. The import Rogers did have some sets with the rim mounts and script badges, likely with clear interiors and not paint.

Should have painted interiors for script badge USA drums.

Pictures will tell.
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Old 06-09-2020, 07:47 AM
Dan Boucher Dan Boucher is offline
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Default Re: Rogers Drums Identification

The first era of Rogers drums is equipped with Swivomatic hardware. These are configured with machined parts and employ hex rods (with a few exceptions here and there). The early drums have flat grey paint inside and the last ones have speckled paint inside. All have rectangular paper labels inside that can almost always be viewed through the vent hole in the shell. They indicate either Cleveland, Dayton or Fullerton Ohio, though the last ones have small tags simply labeled Rogers 9/72. All these drums have interior reinforcing rings for the shells.

The next generation has Memri-Loc hardware. Typically that hardware is tubular metal and much larger. It also has devices to lock the hardware in place using a drum key. The early ones have speckled interiors, but eventually natural finish (as I recall). I'm less sure, but as time moved on, I believe the interior reinforcing rings were dropped during this era. Cymbal stands, pedal and high-hats are all considerably heavier.

Beyond those eras, you begin to see the signs of the drums being manufactured outside the US and they become similar to other off-shore products in look and feel.

Check out the information in the link at the upper right-hand corner of this website for the Vintage Drum Guide and the Rogers catalogs, in particular. Those should help with identification if the drums were built no later than the late 70's.
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