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Old 07-23-2018, 07:26 PM
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Default Re: Drum Companies and Their Worst Ideas

Originally Posted by K.O. View Post
A lot of guys love those. I have a set myself, bop sized, that I bought new for $699 during that end of run blowout. BUT! Those chevrons are just thin aluminum pieces stuck on the shell. They peel right off and then you have a solid lacquer finish of whatever color the shells were painted. So now, after a peel job and some other minor customization, I have a Renown set in Piano Black lacquer that runs neck and neck,as far as fit and finish, and sound quality, with my USA Customs, and a set that I bought for a fraction of what a Piano black USA "bop" set would have cost me.

Then again several people have stated that I'm a F'in' Idiot (that's what was posted several times back when I had a youtube video up on how to peel these drums, I got sick of it so I pulled the video) for having defaced a valuable and highly collectible set of drums by removing the custom finish. Doesn't actually bother me, I like them much better like they are now...if someone else prefers them as they were then that's fine too, but I don't care.
You did the right thing. If I had known they came off I would have got a set!
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Old 07-23-2018, 09:51 PM
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Default Re: Drum Companies and Their Worst Ideas

Originally Posted by J!m View Post
You did the right thing. If I had known they came off I would have got a set!

Yeah I almost missed out on them because I didn't like the look. I thought that that was a super price on a set but didn't want drums that looked like that. Then someone posted on the DFO that you could peel that off. I thought the white was painted on the shell and then the chrome looking bits were screwed onto the shell, which is what it looked like. But no it was just one single two tone piece of very thin aluminum stuck on with some sort of acrylic adhesive. Once I found that out I snagged one of the last remaining new sets. It was a pain to pull each chevron off but once you got it started it would peel off cleanly leaving no residue or marks behind. The aluminum piece was destroyed in the process so it's a one way street. Also the chevron was the only "badge" identifying them as Gretsch drums. I fixed that by putting on new badges. Nicest brand new set of $700 drums I'm ever likely to own.

Getting back to the topic at hand I think someone did mention the Slingerlands with the cardboard shells. That has to be almost the lowest point in any classic American drum company's history. The shells were sonotube which are cardboard concrete forms. Literally the same thing as the tube you find in the middle of a roll of carpet. I'm unsure how they expected that to hold a bearing edge. Especially since they had already tried Masonite shells back in the 50's with poor let's try something even softer. If they had impregnated the cardboard with a thermosetting plastic resin of some sort they might have had a fighting chance (it would have been akin to what Remo did later) but no, just plain cardboard. Certainly a sign that things weren't going so well at the once mighty Slingerland.

I crossed paths with one of these cardboard sets many years ago. A friend of my mom was looking at a set for her grandson and asked me what I thought about a set that was for sale locally for $125. I went over to look at them and it was a 5 piece Slingerland set, white wrap, double set-o-matic, wood bass drum hoops, matching snare...all looked good on the surface and $125 for a set of Slingerlands was a no-brainer. The only oddity I noticed was that the badges were some sort of foil stick-on rather than the typical aluminum one. Little did I know. She bought the drums and I offered to take them home and clean them up (they were kind of grungy). She thought that would be great and I hauled them home. When I pulled off the first head it was a WTF! moment. I vaguely recalled hearing about these and here was a set in the flesh. I got them sounding "okay" and as far as I know her grandson was happy with them...not really knowing any better. They couldn't be returned so I didn't point it out to them. I felt sort of bad...although for $125 it still wasn't a terrible deal as all the hardware was worth more than that and they were playable, if probably not gig-able. I don't think he pursued drumming long enough to find out, but I have no idea what became of the set. A year later I bought a CB-700 set (quadra-plus type configuration) at a yard sale for $35 just to get the Tama/Camco pedal that was included (there were two pedals, the original and the Camco, I offered them $25 for just the pedal I wanted pointing out that they still had a pedal to include with the set that were asking $100 for, they refused to separate the pedal but offered to sell me everything for $35) and I gave the concert toms to the grandkid (perhaps as a way to make up for not noticing the cardboard drums).

I've heard tell that some of the lesser later Ludwig Rocker series drums had shells made from a particle board sort of material (sawdust and glue cast into cylinders I assume). I don't think I've ever run across such an animal but if that's true that would be a pretty low point as well.
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Old 08-03-2018, 09:52 AM
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Default Re: Drum Companies and Their Worst Ideas

Originally Posted by johnnyringo View Post
Whatever happened to that drum throne that was actually attached to the kit and you sat like you were ready for blast off?
Hey Johnny, I know a guy here in Austin that has one of those set up in the house.
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Old 08-03-2018, 12:04 PM
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Default Re: Drum Companies and Their Worst Ideas

Originally Posted by Ludwig-dude View Post
Similar to the Ludwig Combo snare drum.....plastic shell that warped with any semblance of tension on the heads, not to mention the breaking of the plastic lugs under similar circumstances.....not 100% sure, but the Combo outfits were regular wood shells, but I think they originally had the plastic lugs as well.....but I could be wrong on that one. The snare was definitely all plastic shells & lugs.
Oh yes the Ludwig Combo sets.The first ones where wood shells the 3 ply with single metal classic luds..Then to used up the other shells Ludwig used a plastic lugs..
Oh on the 1st ones Ludwig used the vista shells up with metal lugs I have a 4 pc in red..Also have a 5 pc with wood shells...
Ludwig only had two set ups..A four pc 22 12 16 and a 14 snare.
The other set was an 5 pc 12,13,16,22 14 snare..

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Old 08-03-2018, 01:19 PM
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Default Re: Drum Companies and Their Worst Ideas

I remember an ad in MD in the late 70's or so for the "Adda-Tone". It was some kind of clear "partition" that went inside a tom that was supposed to create two separate pitches from one drum head.
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Old 08-03-2018, 01:32 PM
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Default Re: Drum Companies and Their Worst Ideas

Originally Posted by johnnyringo View Post
Ha, ha, the whole darn kit looked like it was falling apart, but he still played a great solo.
Notice the keystone supra.
I would have stopped mid solo..and kicked the set off the stage...except for snare ...hi hat/Ride....or..maybe brought out a sledgehammer..and really given the crowd a show!

Slingerland..Quality Drums.....says so right on the be true....right?.....Fug That nonsense....

I have had a growing dislike of that brand for YEARS....

Ever see the Buddy video...where one of his BD spurs (stage left) gives out..and the set about topples over?.....Priceless....

How about the early 70s silver black badges..that they couldn’t bother to actually wrap around the curve of the drum?..They just go straight across...lovely.......and..sometimes ..spin around!...

I bought a Sling ..circa 1964 kit..after having a Rogers ...same around 1977....and even though I was only around 20,I remember thinking....these sure seem cheaply made..compared to the Rogers!
"Always make sure your front bottom BD lugs clear the ground!"

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Old 08-03-2018, 01:54 PM
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Default Re: Drum Companies and Their Worst Ideas

Historically speaking, the Leedy-Ludwig knob tension drums were such a big mistake the parent company, Conn, ended up selling Ludwig Drums back to the Ludwig family and sold Leedy Drums to the Slingerland company.
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Old 09-24-2018, 03:08 PM
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Default Re: Drum Companies and Their Worst Ideas

Originally Posted by longjohn View Post
I am not comfortable with purple.... are other colour ropes available? and is there sufficient length of rope supplied to enable some nautical knots... Eg... a wetter sound... ? sorry but WTF??

We will be laughing at that for years...i hate my snare sound, i lost my rope
Keep fixing them up...
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Old 09-24-2018, 04:08 PM
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Default Re: Drum Companies and Their Worst Ideas

Like the Aztec wrap, the 1976 Slingerland Super Rock kit in Denim . . "The working drummers outfit in hard working denim" Really???
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Old 09-28-2018, 12:44 AM
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Default Re: Drum Companies and Their Worst Ideas

Anyone remember the Mapex Janus Hi-Hat/Double Pedal combo?

Not necessarily a bad idea, but I know they were discontinued not long after they had arrived on the market.

It was one pedal that you could switch to control either your hi-hat or the second bass drum pedal by pivoting your foot left or right.
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"The worst thing to happen to drums from the 60's and early 70's was the 80's!"-clubdate64

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