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Old 07-12-2011, 01:04 AM
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Default Paiste Stanople-Swiss Made

I've had an 18" Paise Stanople cymbal for a while now. I know some of them were made in Germany, but were considered inferior to those made in Switzerland. Am I right about that? My Swiss made Stanople is a dirty brown color, but I know that there are some that have the yellow-greenish color. It is the driest cymbal I have ever heard! But in a cool way. I put 6 rivets in it and it sounds awesome. Slightly trashy and super dry, almost like it has tape on it!

Also, what was the difference between the Paiste "Stanople's", the Ludwig/Paiste "Standards", and the Paiste "Super's"? I know that the Super's and the "Standards both had the same yellowish color to them.

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Old 07-12-2011, 06:29 PM
calfskin calfskin is offline
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Default Re: Paiste Stanople-Swiss Made

I had a couple of Paiste Ludwigs, at one time and they seemed similar to Paiste Stambuls, which were a lower grade of cymbal to the Stanople. All Paistes were made from sheet material in those days but whether they had access to different grades of sheet nickel silver , I don't know. It does seem that Meinl and Paiste had some sort of cooperation going on because there are Swiss Dynastars and German Dynastars and then Swiss Supers and German Supers. Some of the Supers were yellowish, as though they had more of a Bronze or Brass base and some were quite silvery as though they had a Nickel Silver base. I have 2 Nickel Silver Supers(18 and 12) that I use as a lightweight duo , bass mounted, on a little compact , sort of jazz kit and they are really good cymbals, not great but certainly adequate. The 20" Bronze coloured Super that came with them is a deadbeat.I think they misspelled it. It should be Stupor. There are 4 companies, known to me ,that used Nickel Silver as a base material for cymbals Premier(Zyn,,2 Star zyn,,Krut and Beverley brands), Boosey & Hawkes( Ajax, Gordon brands), Paiste(Stambul,Stanople,Dynastar Superior,Super,Ludwig Standard,Sonor---others, I think) and Meinl(Trixon Silber,Roxy, Meteor,Sonor, others) and they are mostly ,markedly different, in many ways. There appear to have been a number of different alloys and different mfg. techniques and some of these cymbals are truly quite fine, while others are verging on dreadfull. The Stanoples can be very good, as can some Zyns,Supers and Ajax's.

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Old 08-21-2019, 10:37 AM
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Default Re: Paiste Stanople-Swiss Made

Ludwig Standards are very similar to Paiste Stambuls but with better lathing (imho)
They were made in both Ns12 and later in B8

The Stanople was made by Paiste for Ludwig and is very similar to the Paiste Dixie if not the same. Most you will find are Ns12 with a few B8 examples out there.

The Stambul and Ludwig Standard were better and higher priced cymbal than a Stanople.

The Paiste Super was a econo cymbal below all the others
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Old 09-12-2019, 09:39 AM
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Default Re: Paiste Stanople-Swiss Made

On goodwill, right now these 3 cymbals are selling together, 2 swiss paiste , 1 Stanople.
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Name:	90140481173548mams.jpg
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Name:	55943791173548mams.jpg
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Name:	41142971173548mams.jpg
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Old 09-12-2019, 04:01 PM
zenstat zenstat is offline
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Default Re: Paiste Stanople-Swiss Made

That Stanople is not a Paiste Stanople trademark. Paiste Stanoples come from Switzerland or Germany.

That Stanople is Italian in origin. We know this because some exist with Made in Italy die stamps, and because of other physical characteristics. I'll show you the details in what follows on a different cymbal The Italian Stanople trademark doesn't appear on the UFIP brand list, although the Made in Italy round die stamp does. So it might be UFIP (as we know of other brands which aren't on the UFIP brand list) or it might be another producer.

The bell shows the characteristic lathe chatter pattern many Italian cymbals do.

This was previously claimed to be rotocasting but is now known to be an artifact of lathing. It appears on cymbals which were made using the Italian method of gravity casting (in a vertical mold) which lasted until about 1975 or so. Later on rotocast cymbals show the same patterns.

Here is an overall view of the cymbal which shows the same Italian Stanople trademark in context.

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Name:	14-stan-germany.jpg
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Name:	Stanople-paiste.jpg
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Name:	14-stanople-bell.jpg
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Name:	14-stanople-it.jpg
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Name:	14-stanople.jpg
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