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Old 08-13-2019, 10:55 PM
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Default Re: Ludwig guys, tenor drum, FT, small bass drum, none of the above??

Wow-you guys are great! Seems I have every bit of information I need to move forward. Not sure what that is, though. Not sure I want to take the time to remove the paint and do the resto. If I did, what would I do with it? I have no Ludwigs to add it to....the drum has its rims, 17 inch Ludwig heads (John, it read " Our mission, to save souls.") Odd for a public school drum? Pedalpusher---When I went into middle school in 1970, I remember the high school drum lockers had older Slingerland yellowed WMP snares and tenors which were in vogue in marching bands in those days (still might be in the really big college bands?). Being a dorky newbie drummer, I thought it odd the snare drums had, well, no snares...didn't even know what a tenor drum was. Seems triples, quads and the like took over in the modern era. Leedybop, that floor tom with that set looks awesome. The wrap is beautiful. I have a large 18 inch FT on my Pearl fiberglass 70s "Artist" and I love the big sound that tom makes.
I agree with you guys, Mike, jda and K.O.--a good & interesting FT project. In the coming days I'll put it out there to see whose interested. As I said, I'll most likely pass on the project for a bunch of others I have going on.
It would be great to meet you guys in person and talk drums. I guess we'd need at least several days time to kick all this amazing info around--or we'd go hoarse from too much gabbing!
I really appreciate all the great feedback. The sincerity and depth of interest & the way in which you guys present your knowledge and advice makes this my favorite place for all things drums. Have a great evening. d.
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Old 08-14-2019, 09:31 AM
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Default Re: Ludwig guys, tenor drum, FT, small bass drum, none of the above??

D. I happen to think that a lot of snare drums I hear (especially marching drums) would sound better without snares. But then I am a grouchy old **** and nobody cares about my opinions... (you are right, always great feedback from this group)
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