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Old 08-01-2019, 08:59 PM
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Default Making Friends With a Machinist

I have a MIJ L cymbal arm that came with the red sparkle set I just bought last week, but the wing screw was stripped off years ago and the arm is frozen in place and won't raise or lower to the height I need, so this morning, I Googled machine shops in my area and came up with one in Wharton, NJ.

I used to use an old gentleman right in my town who had a machine shop in his basement, but he passed away last year.

I called this shop in Wharton, spoke to the owner, an eastern European gentleman named Ziggy, who asked me to take a photo of the L arm and send it to him, which I did. He called me back and said he could fix it. I stopped over in the late afternoon and dropped off the arm and a new wing screw. I asked him what the cost for repair would be, and he said, "If I have to buy a tap, about $10, but otherwise, no charge. Just buy me a six pack of beer. I'm always happy to help a musician."

If he can fix it, I'll buy him a case of whatever beer he wants. It pays to make friends with a machinist.
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Old 08-01-2019, 10:36 PM
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Default Re: Making Friends With a Machinist

Sounds like you found a keeper! I have a friend who owns a metal fabricating shop and he's made me some custom pieces over the years. We're on the barter system; I take care of his computers and he makes me parts when needed. Here's some pictures of the custom adapter he made so I could attach a Swivo butt to a Tower snare drum without drilling extra holes.

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Old 08-02-2019, 12:01 PM
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Default Re: Making Friends With a Machinist

As vintage and antique drum enthusiasts you really do need to have a great relationship with a machine shop for repairs and I have found actual fabrication of parts like Mark has done. I have a 2 1904-1915 C. G. Conn Snare Drums Nickel Over Brass – Perforated Snare Shell and non perf that were missing the snare tension screws, luckily I have one of my old boy scouts from my troop that went to school to become a machinist and opened his own shop. I pay him for parts and a minimal amount for labor. Fantastic to have resource !
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Old 08-02-2019, 12:33 PM
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Default Re: Making Friends With a Machinist

Wow Bob, I may need to go grab a 6 pack of beer and pay Ziggy a visit. I've got a specific eye screw from an old Slingerland I can't seem to find and he might be the man for me.
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