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Old 10-01-2018, 04:37 AM
Rural Audio Rural Audio is offline
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Default Sonor Teardrop parts required


New member here. Thought I'd mark my arrival with an improbable request.

In short I am in need of some hardware to complete what I think is an early 60's 3 ply Teardrop kit.

Yeah, I know, late to the party, rare as hen's teeth etc. But I've got to ask. Also if any early Sonor experts can suggest viable alternatives that I could use whilst I'm searching that would be much appreciated.

I need 8 bass drum claws and rods and a 20 inch hoop, three straight tom legs and a set of bass drum spurs. Also, unfortunately I need a pair of 16 inch tom hoops.

I found a cheap-ish project kit which became instantly less viable the moment the seller shipped it to me with zero wrap inside the flimsy box. Lugs from the 13 punctured the shell of the 16 (it took me nearly an hour to free it without further damage), whose leg brackets punctured the bass drum shell. All the hardware was simply thrown inside. It was a car crash.

But I'm not going to give up on them so if anyone can help I'd be extremely grateful. I've drifted back to Sonor after a decade in Slingerland-land and was actually quite excited about it until I opened the box......

Thanks in advance.
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Old 10-01-2018, 07:19 AM
OddBall OddBall is offline
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Default Re: Sonor Teardrop parts required has a facebook page and website. The facebook is very active and the webpage is very slow now. half the guys there got teardrops of some kind and a few collect that may be willing to sell or trade parts.

Otherwise you`re at the mercy of E-bay or craigslist and the occasional SONOR guy here.I would rather go to where everything is SONOR.
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Old 10-02-2018, 02:22 AM
Magnus_N Magnus_N is offline
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Default Re: Sonor Teardrop parts required

Hi Rural Audio,

I have a ca 1958 early teardrop kit. Like yours, it was in bad shape when I received it, so I had a professional drum builder repair it: plies had separated etc, it was a mess. Unlike yours, though, it was complete.

I cannot help you with the parts you are looking for. But do google German websites for vintage Sonor etc and you should come up with something. Also, ST Drums is very useful in all matters concerning vintage Sonor. They may be able to help you with bass drum claws, if you are lucky. The 20 inch bass drum hoops ought to be replaceable with most any wooden hoops. But the teardrop metal floor tom hoops are quite distinctive, with their rounded-over flange.

Here is an old pic of my kit:

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Old 10-03-2018, 03:24 AM
Rural Audio Rural Audio is offline
Join Date: Oct 2018
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Default Re: Sonor Teardrop parts required

Thanks for your replies.

Oddball: sound advice thank you, I was just trying to avoid reactivating my FB account which has been dormant for a couple of years. I find FB a bit like Yamaha 9000's: popular but deeply uninspiring!!!

Magnus: Thanks for your help, and the pic of your lovely kit. Yes the tom rims are the thing I'm most concerned about locating for the reason you mention. I've dealt with the people at ST before and found them very helpful.

Thanks again, off to facebook then........
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Old 10-03-2018, 05:20 PM
cin cin is offline
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Default Re: Sonor Teardrop parts required

You can order chrome bars from china for not too much $ and make reproduction spurs and ft legs. I just did that and I'm very happy with the result. All you really need is a bench grinder, tap and die set, and a good dust mask.

For the bass drum spurs order 2 of these:

Then using a bench grinder, and while wearing a good quality dust mask, potentially capable of filtering vapours (chrome dust, or resulting hi-temp vapours, I've been told, are not great for your health), sharpen one end of each spur. Then tap another 2" or so for the rubber feet and lock-nut. You'll have to get those off eBay but they are easier to find than complete spurs. Again watch out for chrome shrapnels, they're sharp.

For the floor tom legs it's even easier, buy 2 pairs of those, you'll have an extra rod...:

Then using a bench grinder round off one end. To be super correct you can use a good drill press to drill a hole through the other end as Sonor did, for the rubber feet glue to have something to bite on. You can also just rough up the end to the same effect. The round rubber feet are available, PM me for a secret source. I'd post it here and not be all special about it, but I need to secure some for myself before everyone hears about it and the stock depletes to none.

I strongly recommend treating the newly exposed steel ends with some sort of metal sealer, one that won't get in the way of threads or affect the chrome. I've used Krud Kutter, which protects the metal for a couple of years if you leave it to dry on the piece. It's a temporary solution, there are better ones, but this one is safe and easy. If you ever notice corrosion setting in you just repeat the dip and dry with Krud Cutter, problem solved for another 2 years.
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