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Default Re: Fake vintage cymbals???

One is for sale on eBay right now:

A fine example of a K Zilojian.

Here is the text:

Originally Posted by French ebay seller joe_e_bay_91
Magnifique cymbale ride vintage K Zildjian Istanbul 20" 1795g (light) New Stamp (années 67-77) Très bon état, ni fissures, ni keyholes, ni déformations ou autre... Le son légendaire et inimitable des vieilles K: Riche, chaud, complexe, profond... Cymbale bien équilibrée. Ping bien défini. Halo grave. Facilement Crashable. Cloche Sublime. 8 trous pour rivets. Sample disponible sur demande. Remise en main propre de préférence, envoi possible en Collissimo recommandé AR.
Could also be a hacked account since it has one only buy transaction from March 25, 2010 (drum centre of portsmouth) on it.

Note: I didn't spot this first. Somebody else on another forum found it and posted it. I'm just passing the info on here because it fits the topic of this thread so nicely.
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