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Default Re: Fake vintage cymbals???

Originally Posted by mcdrummer View Post
Not sure if I'm misunderstanding but if you are making a newer cymbal into an older one by faking the stamp, how would you deal with the older stamp. Not that I am planning to do this, just seems like you'd need to start with a cymbal with no stamp. Where do you get that?
From the factory, either Chinese or Turkish. The few Chinese made cymbals I've had use only ink stamps so that's easy. A few modern Turkish factories produce cymbals for other companies to sell (as well as their own brand) so I don't think that's an insurmountable problem.

I may also be confusing things by talking about faking new laser etched Zildjians (say using Chinese lookalikes) and faking 1950s Istanbul K Zildjians (using something modern from Istanbul)in the same posts. But in terms of fakes, both notions have come up so it seems worthwhile to address the two.

I forgot about another example of "fake" cymbals I've seen. Chinese sourced ones partially lathed in the Agop Sultan pattern (unlathed bell and unlathed stripe half way out the bow). I've seen a well documented report of a pair of hats were sold as genuine Agop when they were not. Seller claimed the ink logos were removed. Note that after cymbals are sold second hand a few times it is possible that the current seller is just passing on what they were told and don't know any better. Thus one can't automatically assign bad intentions and deceit to the current seller.
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