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Default Re: Removing caked on stubborn rust from chrome MIJ hoop

OK, The Chrome will be missing in spots around the rust. The edges of the remaining will be flaky, maybe chip right off because the rust is under it too. So after the rust is gone, the shine will not be the same.

To remove the rust, WD-40 and green pad scrubber. Then wipe off. Take Dawn dish soap out of the bottle and coat it, leave overnight. Wash and dry that off. You will have micro rust stains, you can sand those area's with 800 grit wet dry paper, and when you hit the chrome, it will still scratch that. (if it were mine, I would get a few sheets of 800 grit and do the entire hoop chrome and all so it comes out uniform in sheen) Wax is the last step to control returning.

Another route is to treat it exactly like the bumper on your car with the same products but you will spend more doing that.

Either way the Chrome in those area's is gone, but steel polishes up close to the same shine. But the rust will return if you don't keep up with the liquid car waxing periodically.

Again, if it were mine, I would tape off the inlay with several layers and dry sand the whole thing inside and out with nothing less than 800 grit wet dry paper. Then wax it. You could tape off the good sections and only treat the bad as well.

My 2 cents from doing it a few times.
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