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Default Re: is it possible to fix cracked cymbals

thanks a lot guys for your input.

i have a set of sabian hi hats. probably not worth much but i wanted to part with them so i could make up what i had spent on my new set. but my old set was cracked. i thought i would fix them before i sold them.

by posting this thread, i have learned a lot. i might not repair these hi hats after all just because it might be to much work for what they are worth. but if i ever get crackes in some of my older cymbals i know what to do to prevent further cracking. i would like to know how his uncle fixed that cracked. i think i am going to experiment with some old junk and crack some stuff and try to fix it and make it look clean and sound the same.

well i guess if any one wants to buy some broken hi hats let me know. lol
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