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Default Re: What would you do in this situation

OK, wait: how did you "accidentally" ship this to this person? Did you know you were shipping it? Did you agree to sell it to him, and did you both agree to terms? Did money change hands? Did you accept money before you shipped it?

The sale is finalized when the parties come to terms, not when the buyer receives the item. There isn't a "grace period" when, just because he hasn't received the item, you can back out - especially if you agreed to terms and were paid.

I ask you: how is it you sold something that you weren't "intending" to sell? Maybe I'm missing something. I've re-read your post and I still can't figure out what, though.

You say "I sold something", and then realized "I didn't want to sell it". It's too late at that point, unfortunately - a deal that is completed is no longer a deal, it's a transaction. Yes, the buyer could agree to rescind the sale, but it is completely up to him whether he does that or not. Your personal feelings notwithstanding, making an emotional case (whining) to get something back that you consciously packed up and shipped after receiving an agreed price for isn't good form. Let it go. Chalk it up to experience. We all make mistakes. Don't compound yours by whining about it. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, but life doesn't usually afford "do overs" when something comes up that changes your mind.

Based on my questions in the first paragraph, please provide more detail, because to me this sounds like a simple case of sellers remorse. I'm afraid, regardless of what you think, that the buyer has every right to keep what he bought. I'm sorry: the buyer can't read your mind when it changes, and he isn't required to.