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Default Re: What would you do in this situation

Wow, I cant beleive this story. So you offered to buy back the item for more than what you sold it for even before this person recieved it? If I was the buyer then there would be no question of returning it, heck its obvious that this item is very important to you. I would think anyone who is a honest good hearted person would get it back to you. Sounds like this person is not a good hearted person but more of a selfish jerk. I guess this is a wake up call for all of us. Even though we think of each other as "brothers" its still just a bunch of guys on the internet and we really dont know each other very good at all.

So, sorry to hear the problem, maybey this person will realize what an ass he is and do the right thing, return your item.

Thank you!
Jeff C

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