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Default What would you do in this situation

I would like some opinions from members of what you would do in this situation.
I rarely sell anything and I recently sold something to a known member here. I then realized the item was something I had not intended to sell. It was the match to other vintage items I have that all came together that I use frequently.
I messaged the member that I would give them back a few dollars more and pay return shipping to send the item back. This was before he received it. Once he got the item and saw what it was he is refusing to return it or accept a refund or exchange. It would be no skin off this persons back to return my item and accept a refund or exchange.. I thought this person would be the last one to be like this. I think it is greed as this person could easily return my item and find something similar, but I can't. They said it was my mistake and basically to bad for you. I would have no problem returning the item under the circumstances. As a fellow forum member what would you do? I thought this was a brotherhood here? I would never do this to another member here. What would you do ? let me off the hook and return my matching vintage item or say screw you it's mine now. This is not a super big ticket item either but it breaks up my matching set. And there are plenty more of these out there just not as vintage.

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