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Default Re: Help dating old bass drum?

Parts update: Searching for T rods & claws I found this listing on ebay - Just wondering if these 70's Premier rods will fit my 30's Leedy / John Grey (??) lugs. I've checked the lug thread (pictured above) with a standard tuning rod off a modern pearl tom and the fit is fine.

The other question is whether the length of the Premier rods will match. I still haven't got new skins so can't quite judge the exact distance needed when hoop is mounted. Am I way off the mark in thinking these might work?

In terms of matching parts to the era, I'm not that fussed; it's a first attempt, and my priority is more to get it in working condition. Money is also an issue, and the fact that there's a full set of 16 going at a potentially reasonable rate is appealing.

Any thoughts? Thanks again.
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