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Default Re: Ludwig Super Classic or Classic 1994?

Upon closer studying & inspection, this is not a kit from 1994, but rather 2004. This is the Classic Maple Fab-4 kit finished in silver sparkle. If you look very closely at the bearing edge pic again, I count 9-plies of maple. Also, the Fab-4 configuration is one of the very few kits at that time where the rack tom mount is drilled higher up on the shell as compared to other kits. Also, the serial numbers on the badges are much higher in sequence (like a complete extra digit higher!) than a snare I have that is from 1994.

Most of these came in Black Oyster (for obvious reasons), but you could order the kit in any available color that Ludwig offered at the time. Also, you could order it with whatever type of lugs (large or small), keyrods for the bass drum, bass spurs, and floor tom legs that Ludwig offered at the time. The only thing you couldn't change was the single rack tom mount. They only offered them with the "Rocker" single tom holder. On any other kit you could still order a Modular holder if you wanted, but not the Fab-4.

Still an excellent sounding kit. I think we were all a decade off on this one originally though (myself included).
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