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Default Re: Value Paiste Formula 602 Joe Morello Script Logo Cymbals

Thank you for your help.

Yes, information was from wiki/Paiste profiles.
Weights you gave fit, cymbals are from 74/75 (sizes 14,17,18,20). Pre-owner said they were bought as a "set" when new, the Sound Edge hats are serial number matched to the ride cymbal by two or three digits. Would be interested in a set value guesstimate and for the three Morellos each. Additionally, for script logo hats, if I ever come across (but that can wait of course for the wiki); been trading SE hats a couple of times, so know vaguely about their value, also what to expect for "normal" 602 cymbals, also thank you for your value chart - has been quite helpful in the past. Any help appreciated, but don't want to cause any inconvenience, of course.

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