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Default Re: Anyone still planning on going to the Chicago Drum Show?

Self imposed isolation down here but.. small business owners are doing it tough already.. Music venues have cancelled most artists due to size restrictions on crowds.. Max 100 people at gatherings (min 4 square metres per head). Venues have spaced out tables & seating accordingly..

Food in supermarkets is finally beginning to re stock after big increases in restock staff numbers and many of the supply chain after hour delivery curfews being lifted.

Both national football codes have started their comps but are playing in empty arenas... of course this will come to an end when a player or official test's positive..

Government offers some reassurance that it has a handle on control...but then 2600 passengers off a cruise ship are allowed to disembark in Sydney and infiltrate the community... 2 days later the virus has been detected amongst some of those passengers & crew.. So on it goes..

Cheers To all


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