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Default 10x14" keystone ludwig floor/rack tom

I have a keystone badge(badge is missing), 3-ply w/ re-rings 10x14" ludwig tom. It was originally a natural maple, but the clear coat has been sanded off. It is in great shape and ready to be wrapped, or stained(the outer ply looks very good). This tom was originally a single-headed floor tom(there are holes for 3 club date leg mounts). there are NO holes drilled for a rack mount. I have a suspension mount for it(available also for another $25). 6 additional small classic lugs have been installed and the resonant side bearing edge has been cut to the the original specifications to convert it into a double-headed rack tom. also comes with tension rods. The only thing this drum needs are 2 rims, heads, and a finishing job.

I bought it on ebay to, strip, stain, convert to a double headed rack tom, and match my kit, but decided not to finish.
$100 + shipping, OBO

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